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Juergen - Tuesday, March 31 2009


It finally happened,our new website is availible now. I won’t say much about it, only that you should check it out and tell us what you think about it. Not everything is perfect yet and some things are missing, but in general it’s finished and it’s obvious what we want: clear, shiny, forthright – let it flow. :-)

Thank goodness, nowadays everything is changeable on the internet and nothing has to stay the way it is. That is why we ask you to “test” our new website. Tell us what bothers you, what is missing, is there anything you would like to add to our website? No matter if positive or negative, we are open to any criticism and we will consider it. Just because we’ve already put a lot of effort into it doesn’t mean we think we’re done. But fortunatly we can change and rearange things anytime we want. In some ways, is like YuKoN for us, we know that nothing stays the way it is. And thats’s exactly the way we want to live

For the concept, design and engineering responsible is GFE Media GmbH from Göppingen, the texts are written by Biggi, translation by the corrective and Laurie McDonald. Everything is powered by Joomla!. The hole website was created in virtual teamwork without any problems. Having said this a big Thank You to all who have worked on our new website.

Daylight savings time

Biggi - Saturday, March 28 2009


Today, or better tonight, we will change our clocks to daylight savings time. That means we lose one hour. Bur it also means that we are getting closer to the summer and that’s a good thing if you ask me.

There have been some discussion to cancel the change from winter to summer time, but what would the summer be like when we’d still have winter time?

Changing clocks to summertime means that we “lose” one hour. At 2 o’clock we suddenly have 3 o’clock. So in the morning it will be darker, but in theevenings will get longer. Tecniquly a good thing. But I feel sorry for everyone, including me, who had to pull lates hift today, and early shift tomorrow. ;-)

But honestly, who cares about one hour. And besides, you can change the time on our watches to any time you want. ;-)

Songs for your wedding

Biggi - Saturday, March 28 2009


Wedding songs are a very important factor to consider when planning your wedding. They set the general mood and tone for your ceremony or reception, while also allowing you to express your feelings through music.

That is why we have compiled a list of wedding songs in various categories that will undoubtedly make your wedding a day to remember!

A very useful idea for all people who are planning their wedding. And if you want to listen to the music check your weddingsong at, a free and legal tool which searchs music for you. Really great.



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New in our Blogroll

Biggi - Wednesday, March 25 2009


By now, I refered quite a few times to this jewelry and fashion blog, for example in the mother’s day 2009 post. And now it is time we welcome it to our blogroll.

When you scroll through this blog you will soon notice that thie articles appearing each day are usually long and great in numbers. This way, there you can find an article which interests you, almost every day. The topics reach from skin treatments to clothing style to picking the piece of jewelry which matches you. The last one would be most interesting for our blog.  As today, one article is about picking the right diamond earrings.

Welcome, fashion and jewelry-blog in our blogroll. :-)

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Virtual jewelry

Biggi - Monday, March 23 2009


I’m sure most of you have heared about secondlife, which basicly is like “The Sims” only online and with more possibilities. I recently stumbled accros several websites, offering jewelry for your secondlife character like this one.

Since I am not playing second life myself, I was wondering if you have to buy these virtual pieces of jewelry with real money, which wouldn’t surprise me. Supposedly, some of these players try to build up their own jewelry store, only online and not in the real world. And try to make real money this way.

Secondlife might be fun to play in your freetime but I’m getting the feeling that some people take this game to serious. And anyway, I prefer real world jewelry a lot more than virtual. :-)

How to store your jewelry

Biggi - Thursday, March 19 2009

069_201pwp01_xxProbably the most important question, besides keeping it safe from thieves, when you bought jewelry. Especially rings or necklaces which you are not wearing all the time need to be stored.The only question is where and how. As you can read here,there are different ways to store different types of jewelry. Depending on the type of jewelry, bracelet, ring or necklace and which material has been used, pearls, diamonds or gemstones the storage can verify. Pearl jewelry for instance is supposedly best stored in a soft environment. Also, prevent it from getting scratched to keep the surface smooth.

However, in my case, I always wear all the pieces of jewelry I have.;-)

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The meaning of jewelry

Biggi - Wednesday, March 18 2009

personal_ringe-1There are some obvious reasons why to wear jewelry. They mostly look good, some people show them off on special occasions, or you got them as a gift from somebody. But, in my mind, the actual reason to buy and wear jewelry is, because it is a way to express yourself and underline your understanding of style and taste. Furthermore, a necklace or bracelet for instants can become a part of your own fashion when wearing them all the time.
A very good way to make your jewelry even more unique is the principal of the TeNo personal line. By putting your own symbol or letter on it can give it your very own personal touch. Availible in stainless steel with gold or ceramic inlays.


TeNo at Mandalay Bay

Biggi - Monday, March 16 2009

In the Hotel and Casino resort, which I’m hearing about for the first time to be honest, you can not only find good diners but also a TeNo store.


On their website they describe TeNo with the words unique concept and finest stainless steel which in my mind matches TeNo perfectly:

TeNo Stainless Steel uses new and progressive materials in their creations. They mix rubber and ceramics with diamonds, sapphires, gold, topaz, wood, and pearls with steel to design a unique concept for the modern lifestyle, expressing elements of both tradition and innovation. TeNo jewelry and watches are made from the finest stainless steel that is free of nickel. With this successful concept, TeNology is sweeping the nation.

Next time I plan a trip during summer vacation, I’ll look for this resort. :-) TeNo corner at Mandalay Bay. If you go there – good luck. Las Vegas sometimes could be a lucky place! :-)

Pearls for your wedding

Biggi - Friday, March 13 2009

As I read in this blog, people have used pearls on their wedding rings or on necklaces for centuries. And I didn’t realized until now, that this concept has been around for such a long time, even in the circle of royality. ;-)

So it’s a good thing that TeNo also offers a variaty of different rings and necklaces with different kinds of pearls, in all kinds of colors, as freshwater pearls for instants.


Also keep in mind that different colors symbolyze different things. Of cours, only if you are the traditional type of person. ;-)

Spring – summer trends 2009

Biggi - Tuesday, March 10 2009

Spring has already started and although the weather might not be that good and sunny everywhere it might be a good idea to start looking for some trends.
Especially during the warm seasons of the year, jewelry around the neck and the wrist becomes visible. However, some trends never change. And so it is with the black and white contrast which, as I think, matches every season of the year. But when it’s starting to get warmer, warm colors might not be such a bad idea, just like coral or yellow as this blog recommends. Just like this colorful YuKoN bracelet for example. Or to keep it simple in black and steel, the ShiKou collection. Be prepared when the sun comes out the next time. ;-)

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