Accentuation of gold at TeNo

Jeannine - April 18 2010

In the first two bracelets of the german action “YuKon – show us Your creation” you can see amongst other things beautiful elemts in yellow- and roségold. The warm gleam goes perfectly with the chilly stainless steel and gives something soft – of course just figuratively. Every golden accentuation at TeNo – whether it’s in the collection YuKoN,  TeNo de luxx, in the rings for couples or in one of the many other jewelry pieces – is made of high-quality gold with 18 carat.

Rings with 18 carat yellowgold, stainless steel and brilliants.

That means that 75 percent of the alloy is pure gold and the other fourth is made up of silver and copper, whereas the amount of these two metals compose the yellow- (more silver) and rosécoloration (more copper). Pure fine gold (24 ct.) by the way is realtively soft, that’s why the protagonists in historique movies always bite in the coins to check whether they are real. If a dental impression stays on the coin it’s the proof that it’s a real gold coin.

Rings in Roségold (18 ct.), stainless steel and brilliants.

The probably most famouse gold coins are the ducat (Venice), gold dinar (Islamic Empire), gold gulden (Europe) and the doubloon (Spain), the gold eagle (USA), the gold mark (Germany) and the krone (Austria) as well as the florin and the guinea (both England). Since viagra super active in economical bad times many investors invested in noble metal instead of money, the price of gold is rising again. But instead of investing in the always same looking bars, it’s nicer to invest in a pretty piece of jewelry, for example the SuMa de luxx set, here in yellowgold:

By the way, you can also hear gold… by Spanda Ballet on youtube. :-)

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