The first novelties have been delivered!

Biggi - Tuesday, February 22 2011

This white bracelet from YuKoN made from woven leather is an example for stocking. For the photo, we have put on some of our new YuKoN elements with blue effects. We also have variants in red, orange, yellow, brown and caramel – there are countless possibilities for combination. Over the course of time, we will present many elements and bracelets to you here.

Today, I just wanted to tell you that we have sent the first novelties to our YuKoN partners. Obviously, they have already arrived at some of the jewellers. I’m sure that the clients of these partner jewellers will be pleased about it. From numerous calls, emails and facebook-messages we know that a great number of fans is in eager expectation for the new elements.

To give you a small foretaste of our new collection, I will present you some more pictures of variants of the colours white, brown and red:

New from TeNo: YuKoN coins

Juergen - Tuesday, February 17 2009


There are only a few days left until we start for the Inhorgenta 2009. The final countdown has started, with a few obstacles in our way. First I got sick and yesterday Felix and he had to go home. :-( But that won’t stop us from looking forward to the exhibition and all the exiting new innovations which we finally can present to you. For example our new YuKoN coins. The TeNo currency against the financial crisis. ;-)

Our new pendants for our collectors edition YuKoN create a hole new look and “give it more variation options”. The coins are solid with double sited ceramic inlays. Jewelry with a special message “as it were”, because on the coins are small messages optional in different languages, japanese, latin or english. We’re exited about how the reaction will be on the exhibition. What do you think?

The world in infrared

Biggi - Monday, January 12 2009

Menlo Castle Infrared (Alternate)

Or actually I should say “near infrared”. But either way, these pictures are very interesting to look at. We’ve already presented you several great photograph collections, but these make a very surreal impression. When I saw these fotos our YuKoN scenery came into my mind.

I wonder how TeNo jewelry would look like, if it were photographed that way, even though we have some photos which provide an attraction without such an infrared effect. For example one of my favourite pictures – this TeNo pearl jewellery set.  I love this foto!