Nature Jewels II

Biggi - Sunday, December 7 2008

Nature's Decorations

Some days ago Florian blogged about nature jewels. Now I found another posting with amazing pictures of the jeweler called nature. It’s not only this one I choosed to illustrate my posting. There are much more. It’s really worth to click.

Foto credits: fanlandsnapper

The dog jewelry museum calendar and the TeNo Fitness-Manager ;-)

Biggi - Saturday, December 6 2008

The technorati-search-feed “jewelry” took me to this posting concerning the dog jewelry museum calendar. I must confess that I don’t like this calendar very much. But this ones are very nice. And for all who think – what the hell has that posting to do with TeNo and its jewelry – well, I write it for our CEO Jürgen, cause I’m quiet sure that he’ll like that blog. After all he is the greatest fan of dogs I know and in addition it’s a good opportunity to introduce the TeNo fitness manager to our english blog readers.

Proudly present: ByRoN – the real jewel of the TeNo family :-)


Nature Jewels

Biggi - Monday, November 24 2008

Depending on where you live, it already might have snowed. Maybe enough to cover the roads or at least it was cold enough to freeze your windshield. But regardless how much or little snow you’ve seen so far this year, autumn and winter always changes the landscape you are living in. For some impressions you can look at these beautiful winter pictures. Maybe you will understand what “natures jewels” are. :)

And by the way, there are not only visual winter impressions but also those you can hear. Christmas music is unavoidable at these times. Watch, listen and enjoy. :-)

Source:; picture taken by: Audrey

TeNo Store in Cape Town

Juergen - Sunday, November 25 2007

Soon there will be the TeNo Store opening in Cape Town. Leone just sent us those pictures together with the following message:

“We are making good progress, the glass for the cabinets are done this week, we are having the screens done to cover the safe etc. at the back of the store, and are hoping to be trading on the 30th of November, in fact we have to be open till 11:00 that night! ” (more …)