Care tips for pearls

Biggi - Wednesday, October 28 2009

Those of you who follow this blog on a  regular basis might have read the care tips about pearls. There we told you about how to take care of your pearl necklace. For example that you should avoid hairspray or any cosmetic products. But also another problem occurs when wearing the necklace very often. The pearls come in contact with the skin and this way absorb acid gradually. To keep the pearls from getting a mat look you can wipe them with a cloth after wearing them. this will not prevent the process completely but it will slow it down significantly. So if you have pearl jewelry or are planning on buying it, take good care of it. And if you’ve any more questions – ask your jeweller. He is an expert and he’ll give advice what to do. :-)


Watches & Jewelry care tips: Taking care of pearls

Juergen - Thursday, August 20 2009


Sometimes we receive emails from our costumers with different questions about the care of their TeNo jewelry and watches. We´ve been thinking about posting these questions in our blog and this way make them available to our blogreaders as well. But sometimes it takes a while from an idea to the realization. ;-) And today we will start with a question about taking care of pearls, which we received during the holidays:

Dear  Sir or Madam,

A few weeks ago, I got a great jewelry set from you as a gift with beautiful grey – blue pearls. I like them so much that I want to keep them for a long time. Do I have to take special care and grease them?

Thank you for your response

Our  tips for taking care of your pearls:

Try to avoid the contact with dish- or saltwater as well as any chemicals like chlorine. Also avoid hairspray perfume and any cosmetic products since they can harm the natural shine of your pearls. So only put on your pearl jewelry when done putting makeup on. We recommend to clean your pearls on a regular basis with a soft tissue. Any kinds of fat, even natural skinfat and sweat can change the natural color of the pearls on the surface. So never clean your jewelry with cremes and fats. Pearls – and other kinds of jewelry should never be stored in wet or moist places

Pearls for your wedding

Biggi - Friday, March 13 2009

As I read in this blog, people have used pearls on their wedding rings or on necklaces for centuries. And I didn’t realized until now, that this concept has been around for such a long time, even in the circle of royality. ;-)

So it’s a good thing that TeNo also offers a variaty of different rings and necklaces with different kinds of pearls, in all kinds of colors, as freshwater pearls for instants.


Also keep in mind that different colors symbolyze different things. Of cours, only if you are the traditional type of person. ;-)

Wedding with TeNo

Biggi - Saturday, February 7 2009

TeNo jewelry is also made for special days and of course for one of the most important days, the wedding day. Below you can see 3 very nice pictures of TeNo YuKoN and TeNo pearls “in action”. :-) They appeared in a german wedding magazine.


I think they give great inspiration for different wedding fashions.  Also available at TeNo jewellers: TeNo partnerrings – the right choice to show: we belong together.

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The world in infrared

Biggi - Monday, January 12 2009

Menlo Castle Infrared (Alternate)

Or actually I should say “near infrared”. But either way, these pictures are very interesting to look at. We’ve already presented you several great photograph collections, but these make a very surreal impression. When I saw these fotos our YuKoN scenery came into my mind.

I wonder how TeNo jewelry would look like, if it were photographed that way, even though we have some photos which provide an attraction without such an infrared effect. For example one of my favourite pictures – this TeNo pearl jewellery set.  I love this foto!



Watches and Jewelry – christmas gifts: pearls, pearls, pearls

Biggi - Friday, November 21 2008

Pearls are a classic and make every woman of all ages happy. However, it doesn’t always have to be the old pearl necklace which my grandma used to wear for special occasions. The one with the diamond deccorated closure which she always put in front, so everybody could see what she was wearing. ;-) Pearl jewelry by TeNo is a little different from this. Feminine, filigree, multy-faceted. During summer time it blends in with the impression of easiness of brezy clothes and a nice sun tan. This however doesn’t mean the necklace has to be kept in the drawer during the winter. In the contrary – Pearl jewelry brings light into every dark winter wardrobe and gets even the paliest tan to shine. (more …)

Pearls are coming back

Biggi - Tuesday, March 25 2008

I have been hearing rumors about how pearls are coming back. That’s right! :) And the best news is: The most stylish pearl chains are already available. High quality pearls in different colours and sizes give the TeNo LongChains an amazing look.