Time will be stopped for one second

Biggi - Wednesday, December 10 2008

This is what the Physikalisch-Technische-Bundesanstalt had to say about next New Year’s Eve:

For three years it was possible to do without it. But now it’s become necessary again. This coming New Year’s Eve, the radio controlled clocks will, after 0:59:59, instead of jumping to 1 o’clock at the next tick of the second, pause shortly in order to insert a small portion of extra time: a leap second. The International Earth Rotation Service (IERS) in Paris has prescribed this addition to coordinated universal time (UTC), as our Earth is again too much out of sync. The Earth lags behind atomic clock time, whose ticking seconds do not pay attention to any earthly fluctuation. This leap second will be dispensed to the German clocks by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Braunschweig.

Somehow funny, but i don’t think that we will notice it at all. :-)


Biggi - Wednesday, December 3 2008

How about you’d build your own watch,without using any traditional batteries? All you need are lemons and a little bit of technical skills. This “bio-watch” only needs one lemon in one week. Since you can’t buy this watch yet you have to make it yourself and, in my opinion, it looks pretty good. :) Finally it can pay off that you payed attention during physics and chemistry class once in a while. ;-)

You can watch how to make lemon-batteries in the video below:

And all who prefer reading than watching – here’s the construction manual as a text.

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Number of the week: 106.800

Juergen - Sunday, April 13 2008

Back from the fair Baselworld in Switzerland I read the official final report from the exhibition management. While reading I had the idea for a new category:Number of the week!

I’m anxious to know how many weeks we’ll find interesting numbers that concern watches, jewlery and design. Today we start with the number 106.800.

“BASELWORLD 2008 breaks all records
Another record year: BASELWORLD 2008 closed its doors today after eight extremely successful days. The 2,087 exhibiting companies from 45 countries were thrilled at the record figure of 106,800 visitors (up 5%) to the Show from around the world. The World Watch and Jewellery Show exceeded the highest expectations.”

The official final report can be downloaded here.