Well styled during winter sports

Biggi - Wednesday, November 26 2008

I like sports, but during the cold seasons of the year most of them are impossible to do. Or did you ever try to play football on a frozen field? ;-) Now, the company Sixense has developed a new gaming system called “TrueMotion 3D”. This new system is like the Nintendo Wii, only much more accurate. So maybe by next year’s winter you could stand in your warm living room, playing golf or baseball. :-) But only because it is virtual sports, doesn’t mean that you’re not moving.

A good thing that the TeNo bracelet ShiKou is equipped with the safe rubber technology, which allows you to wear your TeNo jewelry during your favorite sports activity, indoor or outdoor, without fearing to lose it. Also, thanks to the inner steel cable, it cannot break or rip apart in any way.


Nature Jewels

Biggi - Monday, November 24 2008

Depending on where you live, it already might have snowed. Maybe enough to cover the roads or at least it was cold enough to freeze your windshield. But regardless how much or little snow you’ve seen so far this year, autumn and winter always changes the landscape you are living in. For some impressions you can look at these beautiful winter pictures. Maybe you will understand what “natures jewels” are. :)

And by the way, there are not only visual winter impressions but also those you can hear. Christmas music is unavoidable at these times. Watch, listen and enjoy. :-)

Source: www.piqs.de; picture taken by: Audrey